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Patrick Rydman

Artist, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

Best experience as a musician? Generally speaking it is the creative process itself, creating something out of nothing. From a little idea to a finished song.

Notable achievements?
Nominated for the Swedish Grammis awards (our version of the Grammy) with Vocal Ensemble Amanda. Two time recipient of the STIM awards (STIM is Sweden's PRO).

Neil Murray

Songwriter, lyricist, guitarist and producer

How did you get into music?
It began with the Sixties and all that decade entailed. I have been playing music for 50 odd years.

Notable achievements?
Singing “Come On England” (2004), which charted at #2 in the UK national charts. Watch us on TOTP here. I have also issued over 17 albums.


Composer, songwriter and producer

How did you get into music?
Tazmin grew up in China where she first started singing in talent shows.

Notable achievements?
Her Debut EP ‘Trapped’ peaked at number 16 in the iTunes charts, with her follow up EP ‘Powerful’ climbing further to number 11 in early 2018.

Frank Ball

Guitarist, producer, arranger and vocalist

How did you get into music?
In South Louisiana watching my father and grandfather play.

Best experience as a musician?
Working with renowned saxophonist Jon R Smith.

Notable achievements?
Late night jams with Roosevelt Sykes in the 60s, jams with players from Edgar Winter's White Trash in the 70s

Paul Baggott

Producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist.

How did you get into music?
At home with a Spanish guitar and an old Marconiphone reel to reel tape recorder.

Best experience as a musician?
Hearing one of my tracks live on The One Show

Joseph Brown

Songwriter and guitarist

Best experience as a musician?

While travelling through France I asked a group of musicians if I could play them one of my songs on their guitar, they repaid me with a pack of cigarettes, I was a none smoker.

Maria Lee Carter


Peter Last

Lyricist and songwriter.

Best experience as a musician?
My best success so far has been having one of my tracks appear in three of the Billboard charts simultaneously including the indie top twenty.

Notable achievements?
My music has received many salutations in various songwriting competitions, often making the semifinals and last time the finals in the UKSC

Mick Lee


Ben Robinson


Tanaka Mupinga

Artist, Singer-songwriter and Producer
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