Personalised Wedding Songs’

For a limited time, I can off a 30% discount on the price of a wedding song/s.

The normal price is currently £1500, 00 per song.

Until December 31st, 2021, I’ll give you a 30% discounted price if you sign up for our

Pumpkin Membership Package (See Home Page)

So, If you sign up for The Song Cabin Pumpkin Membership Package, you’ll get one fully produced

Wedding Song & don’t forget (Time Permitting) If you’re not happy with the resulting production,

our promise to you is we’ll do it again and again until you are happy.

So, sign up for the Pumpkin Package and this is what you’ll qualify for:

One fully produced song, normal price of £1500.00 with a 30% discount.

£1500.00/100*70 = £1050.00 (A Saving of £450.00)

Fully Produced Wedding Song (With Pumpkin Membership)
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