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If you have found some music that you would like to use please make note of the artist and song name and contact us. 

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Type in any popular artist (The Beatles, Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, Drake, etc.) or era (80s, 90s, etc.) you can think of to pull up any of our songs that sound like that artist or era! Click here for a list of several example artists you can search by.

Want to have your music featured?

If you feel that your music is of the right quality to be included within our music catalogue we would like to hear from you! Don’t feel alarmed if your work isn’t selected to be added to our catalogue, we receive music from many new artists and hand-pick only the best. Remember, we also offer song critiques and music production services to help your music become more commercially viable and ready for use in film, tv, and inclusion in our catalogue.


Don't know what you're looking for?

Well, don’t worry! View 5 random songs from our catalogue here – on this page we will display five completely random tracks from our ever-growing music catalogue. This way you can explore the diversity and quality of the music in our catalogue and maybe find the perfect track for your project.

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